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Terrarium Fogger Reptile Fogger Automatic Watering

Terrarium Fogger Reptile Fogger Automatic Watering

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Free Shipping. (Shipping time: 7-25 Business Days)

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Time setting: you can set the watering time 
No faucet, safe and secure
Automatic timing
Easy to install and easy to operate
Can spray many types of plants at the same time


Working voltage: 5V
Power: less than or equal to 5W
Number of nozzles: 2
Product size: 80*100*35mm
Pipeline length: 5 meters
Timing mode: cycle timing


From April 8, 2021, we will send the English version of the sprinkler system, and the version before that is the Chinese version

Option of retail box is available since 18th, Nov 2020.

Orders before this date were default shipped without retail box.

A retail box is recommended for gifts or retail purposes.

For your own use, without a retail box is recommended.

The item is properly packed no matter with or without a box.

Your order is in good hands.


1*main engine
2*spray head
5m*PE water pipe
1*English/Chinese version Instruction manual
1*pipe cutter
1*self-suction head
5*R clip
5*cable ties



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Delia Ryan

The first one I bought was ruined at two months of operation, I bought another one, hopefully it won't go bad again

Lucas Mann

Good quality Abnormal noise

Jodie Haag

According to the description, receipt in less than 10 days, thank you very much. I post a new notice upon commissioning.

Kelsie Luettgen

Spray system works fine except for timer. Timer all the time randomly sets the interval and operating time. There is no way to systematize.

Jodie Rohan

Very satisfied with the automatic irrigation system. And the packaging is perfect. I recommend it.

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