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Self-Floating Fish Hatchery Box In-Tank Breeding Box Fish Isolation Box

Self-Floating Fish Hatchery Box In-Tank Breeding Box Fish Isolation Box

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  • It can be divided into four large rooms, and the separator can be freely disassembled. It can act as a feeding box as well.
  • It is made of highly transparent new plastic, however, the separator is frosted, which can avoid collisions among fishes caused by seeing other fishes eating  
  • 0.5mm ultra-fine isolation gap
  • Original solid four-angle bracket, 3mm entrance for fish, wide top and narrow bottom 
  • There are convenient feeding holes on the top
  • There are floating compartments on two sides, which can act as handles as well for you to, can easily and stably move the hatch box 


  • Bottom Length: 20.5cm/8.07in, Top length: 27cm/10.63in, Height: 10.5cm 4.13in, Width: 9cm/3.54in
  • Material: Acrylic

Product List: 

  • Plastic Tank * 1 
  • Lid * 1 
  • Bottom separator * 1 
  • Side separators * 2 
  • Suction cups * 2
Fish Isolation Box

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Derick Ziemann

Good afternoon! The goods are satisfied, the goods correspond to the description. Everything came in good packaging. I recommend the seller, everything is super. I did not communicate with the seller. The tracking product was supposed to come 08.2021 a prishol 18.08.21. I am very pleased with the seller respect.

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