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Personalized Dog Urns Cat Urns For Ashes Pet Urns For Dogs Cats Birds Mouse Pet Coffin

Personalized Dog Urns Cat Urns For Ashes Pet Urns For Dogs Cats Birds Mouse Pet Coffin

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dog can, diameter 10cm * height 21cm    
The other three tanks are 10cm in diameter * 18.5cm in height
Big dog can diameter 12cm * height 24.5cm      
Dafa old pot diameter 12cm * height 22cm
Big cat can diameter 12cm * height 22cm          
The baboon can is 12cm in diameter and 20cm in height
The big eagle jar is 12cm in diameter and 20cm in height            
Super large dog can diameter 13 * height 25cm
Pro, please see the size before shooting.
All measurements are based on the distance between the two most prominent points of the baby
Manual measurement may produce error within one centimeter, please forgive me
Material: high quality imported environmental protection resin
Craft: Hand Painted + retro craft

Sweet Tips:

Please allow a little size error due to hand measure.

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Customer Reviews

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Dannie Ledner

very cool design, thank you very much for the perfect upholster

Rosendo Cartwright

Amazing quality, very well made. Worthy vessel for my best friend