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Humidifier For Reptiles Reptile Humidifier Fogger For Chameleon

Humidifier For Reptiles Reptile Humidifier Fogger For Chameleon

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Name: Pet Drinking fountain Rainforest Cylinder 

Humidifier Flower Automatic Watering Sprinkler

Water bottle capacity: 1300ML
Pipe length: about 60CM/23.62in
Dripping speed: a drop of water for about 15 seconds, a bottle of water can be used for a week or so

Uses: reptile water dispenser, humidifier, etc.

1 Simulated rainforest environment: This wide drinking fountain provides healthy drinking water and environmental humidity for reptiles.

2. Deep filtration: the water inlet and the drip head have a filtering effect, which can deeply purify the water and ensure the reptiles have healthy drinking water.

3. With suction cup: the head of the water is fixed with a suction cup, which can be flexibly fixed on glass or smooth surface.

4. Multi-purpose: It can be used as a water drinker or as a humidifier. 

Put the water head on the mat or insert it into the coconut soil, slowly humidify the mat and keep the temperature.

5. Capacity 1300ml, can be used for about 1 week.

1. Fill the water bottle with water first, then put the sprinkler head in water for 10 minutes, then separate the ceramic and plastic of the sprinkler head.

2. Fill the head of the hose with tap water and install it back.
3. Then put the other end of the hose in the water bottle, suck the drip head to the side of the cylinder, and install it.

Product List:
1* water bottle
1* filter tube
1* suction cup

reptile fogger
reptile humidifier

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