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Dog Tie Out Stake Heavy Duty Rustproof Dog Anchor For Yard Lawn Camping Outdoor

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  • 360 SWIVEL DOG TIE OUT STAKE: Benepaw dog tie-out stake is designed with a full 360-degree rotating ball and rotating base ring. There is bearing support between the rotating ball and the base. German shepherds anchor tying pile not only allows your pet to play 360 degrees freely but also allows multiple pets to be tied to the ball ring at the same time and dog runner for yard freely. 360 Swivel Dog Stake base ring allows you to easily connect tie-out or leashes.
  • SECURE & RELIABLE DOG STAKE: The base of the dog stake is made of heavy-duty steel, and the swivel ball is made of 304 stainless steel. It has excellent strength and durability and can withstand a weight of 150 pounds. It has been tested 20,000 times(Resistance training and dog training) on stable ground and a wooden floor. The base of the dog tie-out stake presents 6 shapes to make the force uniform. It can firmly bear the pulling force of 1 to 680kg / 1500 pounds. (Not fit for soft sand or muddy ground)
  • HEAVY-DUTY AND RUSTPROOF: Dog stake base and bolt anchors are made of heavy-duty steel, and all parts are assembled by 15 tons of pressure or welding. Stainless steel materials make the parts rust and weather-resistant, fit for all seasons. Unlike the traditional dog stake, Labrador anchor can not only 360 swivels, allowing your pet to enjoy 360° free-roaming, but also comes with 6 long lag bolts (for the ground of the yard) and 6 short lag bolts ( Used for wooden kennel plank)
  • EASY TO INSTALL CONVENIENT: It only takes 2 minutes to easily install the pit bull stake. Just need a hammer, put 6 PCS 8.03inch long lag bolts or 6 PCS 2.17inch short lag bolts into the rock or hard ground to fix the rotating base, and then tighten the anchors with a screw tool. Dog anchor system can withstand 1,500 pounds of tension. You can use suitable bolts to tie this dog to a wooden deck or concrete floor. The 360 swivel dog stake is small and convenient. (Tie out cable is not included )
  • APPLICATIONS IN MULTI-SCENE: Our heavy-duty lashing stake system is suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, cows, ponies, and other pets! Dog stakes can be installed in gardens, yards, wooden boards, harder concrete floors, or walls. Dog anchors are suitable for different places, allowing your dog to run and receive training without any restrictions. This way you can lie down on a chair and enjoy yourself without worrying about pets running around, no getting tangled.
tie out
  • Provides 680kg/1500 pounds of lateral tension, 
  • Fit for all kinds of hard ground, and withstands the strongest puller
  • Suitable for more dogs and other animals

204mm Long And Widened Thread Provide Maximum Ground Grip

The size may have a slight difference due to manual measurement.

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