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Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush

Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush

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Material: Rubber
Set Type: NO
Toys Type: Chew Toys
Fit for: Chihuahua, Pug, French Bulldog, Medium, and large dogs


  • Upgraded dog toothbrush: The newly developed tooth cleaning channel and the three-dimensional zigzag teeth grinding ensure more effective cleaning of the teeth of pets and an improvement in tooth grinding. The dog chewing toothbrush is suitable for large, medium, and small dog breeds.
  • Fixed suction cup design: The toothbrush can suck vertically and horizontally, giving pets a pulling resistance to play. Your cute dog will be more interested in the new dog toothbrush and will be happy to chew it. Let your dog brush its teeth instead of being forced to.
  • 360-degree all-round cleaning: The top four sides of the dog toothbrush set have bristles. You can push the dog toothpaste up, and then the toothpaste will flow out of the environment, allowing pets to clean their teeth thoroughly.
  • Healthy and fresh: The dog toothbrush can clean your dog's teeth during the biting process, which are soft enough to prevent damage to the dog's gums. It can help them brush their teeth and remove plaque and hard-to-reach tartar, tartar, etc. Let you enjoy a happy time with cute dogs.



teeth cleaning

Clean Teeth, Remove Calculus, Relieve Anxiety, Improve IQ, Keep Dental Health.

Fully clean the dirt and stones of the front teeth of the pet dog to ensure the dog's dental health every minute and every second.

The dog toothbrush can be used on the floor or on the wall, which makes it more convenient for pet dogs to use. Moreover, there are some interactive interests that attract pet dogs to play with this product.

The newly designed dog toothbrush can fully clean the pet dog's oral dirt, deeply clean the pet dog's teeth, and protect the pet dog's oral health every day.

Applying toothpaste or attractant on the inside of the newly designed tooth cleaning channel will have a better tooth cleaning effect. Dog snacks can be placed in the tooth cleaning aisle to attract dogs to play.

When pets bite this toothbrush, their fangs will come back and forth into our original designed tooth cleaning channel, by increasing the back and forth friction of the teeth in the tooth cleaning channel, it is more effective to remove the stones and dirt of pet dog's fangs.

The original design of molar teeth. There are 2 sizes, arranged in horizontal and vertical molar teeth that will clean the stone and dirt of the pet dog's posterior teeth in an all-around way, protecting the dog's overall oral health. The fact proved that our design is more effective than any products on the market.

Pet dogs often use this toy, which can alleviate their worries at home, improve IQ, and will not damage the family's home and clothes.

This product is suitable for dogs between 5lb to 100lb.

Made of new and upgraded anti-bite material, it can resist the pet dog's long-time bite. However, for the health of pets, we recommend that you give your dog no more than 20-30 minutes a day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mac King

very good service, dog loves playing with it

Donny Johnston

Second time I buy it. My little bitch loves it. The previous one has lasted a long time. I'll buy insurance again! Very fast delivery to Spain.

Ozzie Sauer

es plástico, mi perro aún no le encuentra entretenimiento, una vez que lo agarre, a ver si lo aguanta, llegó en 13 días, se me hizo muy buen tiempo, gracias.

Cassie Renner

A real success near my dog. Stick better on smooth tile

Raul Runte

Arrived well before combined

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