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Breathable Cat Sling Bag For Outdoor Sport Walking Kitten Carrying Sling

Breathable Cat Sling Bag For Outdoor Sport Walking Kitten Carrying Sling

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  • Material: High-quality pattern cloth and mesh fabric, softy Ppcottom mat
  • Color: Denim Blue, Light Grey
  • Size: hand measure size for 1cm -2 cm error   S : bottom length 26cm x bottom width 13cm x bag high 35cm  M: bottom length 30cm x bottom width 16cm x bag high 35cm
  • Used: Small dogs, pets, cat puppy, such as small teddy, chihuahua, and so on
  • Used season:  Summer, Spring, Autumn (Fall), not cold Winter 
  • Packing: 1pc x Pet Carrier Bag

Features :

  1. The outer material is High-quality pattern cloth, Breathable, easy to clean, clean with a wet towel, inner for breathable mesh;
  2. The front of the bag is a large breathable mesh fabric, which is convenient for breathable pets to breathe and watch the scenery with the owner at any time;
  3. There is a safety buckle on the pocket, which can be opened or locked with a single touch, and it is not easy to fall off;
  4. The back of the bag is provided with a breathable mesh cloth and a thick padded cushion. The human body will not be injured when carrying heavy pets for a long time. The waist with belt and
  5. The inside of the bag has small traction, which can stabilize the pet to play naughtily and protect the pet's safety;
  6. On the bottom of the bag, there is a slight splint. When you go out with your pet, the pet can stand or lie comfortably inside, and it can be taken out or put in it freely;

The size of the Tolerance (+/-1cm-2cm ), and the weight of the tolerance (+/- 10g).

cat sling
cat sling bag

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Veronica Grimes

It looks very nice ,good product fast shipping

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