Taking Your Dog Out in the Rain

Our four-legged friend needs to go out at least twice a day to do his job.

But what happens when it rains?

Some dogs can't wait to roll in the puddles, even under a hurricane, while others are lazier and are used to a routine, preferring to lie down at home and get comfortable when the weather is terrible on the carpet or couch.

Here are some tips to follow when out in the rain with your four-legged friend

If the rain stops or lightens, take your dog out for a walk. Avoid a shower or blizzard.

Having him walk under a canopy or balcony may be a good idea. He will be less likely to get wet but still enjoy the walk.

Hair that comes in contact with water will stink. The solution is to buy a good raincoat, and perhaps ankle boots. Dog pads are very delicate, and it is important that they do not stay wet for long periods of time.

Make sure the coat is not too wet when you return. In this, dry it with a towel or hairdryer at a temperature that is not too high.

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