Why do indoor cats look out the window? What you can do to prevent house cats from feeling stressed

Why do indoor cats look out the window? What you can do to prevent house cats from feeling stressed

Why do indoor cats look out the window?
Have you ever seen an indoor cat staring out the window? It is as if prisoners in prison are looking forward to the day when they can go out into the outside world.

You might hear, "Do you want to go out?" Or "I'm sorry I'm trapped in a small room." Some people have a negative image of indoor cats like this, but if you look at the real reason indoor cats look out the window, you will find that they are not negative.

How are cats really doing? Here are four reasons why indoor cats look out the window. You'll also get the answer to the question, "Should I go outside?"

If you have a cat in the house or want to keep a cat but regret keeping it in the place, refer to it.

Reason 1. I have a territorial lookout.
Cats are originally territorially aware animals. Create your own territory and live within that range. Strangers who try to enter the territory must be eliminated.

It is no exaggeration to say that turf wars are life and death, especially for feral or stray cats. Kittens will also have their own territory when they leave their parents. And you will start patrolling the region.

In the case of an indoor cat, the room you live in becomes your territory. We are patrolling the territory by looking out the window, which is the territory's boundary. Maybe they are looking to see if there are dangerous people who might invade the territory. It can be said that the strength of territorial consciousness is a natural thing due to instinct. The same is true for cats kept indoors.

Because I was looking away from the window, I thought the cats' eyesight would be good, but in fact, cats only have about one-tenth the eyesight of humans.

However, dynamic vision is much better than we are, so we can catch things moving outside the window. Looking at things moving outside the window and seeing that they do not invade the territory seems to be a relief and stress relief.

You don't just look out the window; sometimes, you walk around the house. This is not mindless wandering; this is a territorial patrol. I am walking around the house as part of a territorial patrol. If you find an indoor cat watching over the territory, we say, "Thank you for your hard work."

Reason 2. Out of curiosity or hunting instinct.
Cats are animals that have survived while hunting for a long time. Whether or not you can hunt is a matter of life and death. If you can't catch your prey, you must be hungry.

Therefore, we usually sleep well to build up physical strength. When hunting time comes, we maximize our athletic ability to secure prey. Cats are so good at hunting that even indoor cats can easily catch small birds and insects.

Cats with a hunting instinct seem to be concerned about small animals such as birds that can be seen from outside the window. We use our excellent dynamic visual acuity to confirm the location of our prey. The momentum is to start hunting as soon as you can get outside.

Some cats shout "Kakaka!" as they lookout. This is a cracking method, which seems to be emitted when prey is found.

If the house cat starts to cackle while looking out the window, it is proof that she is crazy about her prey. I am improving my concentration, so keep an eye on her as gently as possible.

Cats are also curious animals. Many moving things outside the window stimulate the cat's curiosity. Looking outside may satisfy your curiosity, so it is best to leave it alone.

Reason 3. Sunbathing
Cats are also instinctively sunbathing animals. Vitamin D is absorbed from exposure to ultraviolet rays. The window is a great place to let sunlight in, which means you are sitting there and sunbathing. It looks like you are looking out the window. Still, it is not only for territorial lookout, curiosity, and hunting instinct, but also to promote your own health.

In addition to getting vitamin D, sunbathing can also promote blood circulation and maintain healthy skin and coat. You can see that sunbathing is an important habit for cats. Cats that sunbathe near the window will fall asleep on hot days. It is important for your cat's health, so let it be.

Reason 4. relax and relieve stress
Cats that spend time near the window are in a relaxed state, although it may lead to sunbathing. Cats kept indoors can also be stressed in their daily lives.

Wind sounds, insects, and birds chirping outside the window are like soothing music for cats. Cats, which have much better hearing than humans, can hear the sound well even when the windows are closed.

If you open the window to the extent that the cat does not escape, you can also smell the outside. You can relax by smelling the changing smell of the four seasons.

In this way, you can get a lot of information from outside by taking full advantage of your sense of sight, hearing, and smell. A cat lounging by the window while relaxing is releasing stress well.

Should indoor cats be taken outside once in a while?
Indoor cats look out the window for various reasons, but they sometimes ask, "Do you want to go outside?" Dogs need a walk, but should cats be taken outside?

Taking the domestic cat outside will increase stress?
It is said that taking an indoor cat outside will increase stress. Of course, it can be said that a life where you can do your best outdoors is less stressful for cats.

The problem is that I have to put him back in the room afterward. Cats returned to the room have a strong desire to go out, which in turn causes stress.

I said that cats are animals that create and live in territories, but if you go outside, you will spread the territory. Until now, the limited space of the room was cats' territory, but by going outside, the territory will expand more and more. Cats have to patrol the territory.

Once the cats are back in the house, they will not be able to patrol the outside territory. So the cats that have been taken outside will want to go outside and wait by the door or scratch at the door to open it. I am tired of wanting to go outside as soon as I get the chance.

If this condition persists for a long time, it will be stressful for the cat. After all, it would have been better not to know the outside world.

The outside world is full of dangers for indoor cats
The outside world is full of dangers for cats that have lived indoors. Although they are instinctively vigilant animals, indoor cats are less sensitive to the dangers of life outside than cats that have lived outdoors since they were born, such as stray cats.

There is a possibility that you will be involved in a turf war and be seriously injured, and return home. There is a high possibility of a traffic accident caused by a car or motorcycle outside. You may be panicked by the light of your first car or the headlights you see during the evening and night hours.

Unfortunately, cats that go outside can be hit by cars and motorcycles and die. Keep in mind that there are these risks in walking freely.

Free-roaming cats are also at risk of getting sick. Contact with stray cats can also spread disease; considering these dangers, the benefits of getting away are arguably minimal.

We compare the life expectancy of indoor and outdoor cats
The average life expectancy of indoor cats is about 16-17 years. You can live a healthy life indoors.

On the other hand, the average life expectancy of outdoor cats is about 3-7 years. Outdoor living seems to be free and stress-free, but it is also more difficult than one might think. In the case of stray cats, it is said to take two to three years.

As mentioned earlier, outdoor cats' life expectancy is short due to traffic accidents and diseases. Also, you have to catch your prey and survive, but there is no guarantee that you will have it in your diet every day. There are days when you can eat and days when you cannot eat, and there is a harsh reality of weak meat and strong food.

Indoor cats, by comparison, can eat nutritious meals at set times every day. If you exercise moderately and live a stress-free life, you can live longer. There is no risk of disease in the outside world, so indoor cats have a longer life expectancy than outdoor cats.

What you can do to keep domestic cats from feeling stressed
Indoor cats can also feel stressed depending on their living environment. This is something owners definitely want to improve. Here are some things you can do to prevent your indoor cat from feeling stressed.

We provide a convenient window
reasons why cats in the home look out the window, but I have found that they are all necessary to relieve cat stress. The first point is to provide a comfortable window so that your cat does not feel stressed.

Conditions near the window where the cat can be comfortable are that it be a quiet place and a place where the sun shines moderately. Cats may not be able to keep quiet near the window in a crowded living room. Cats with good hearing are not good at making loud noises, which can be stressful rather than relaxing.

If possible, I would like to be able to relax and sunbathe by the window in a quiet room. A good view of the outside makes it a comfortable place for cats. Some owners have a cat tower near the window or use a cat hammock that can be installed in the window.

We provide an environment where you can practice firmly indoors
You can run and work freely outside, but space is limited inside. If you are not careful, you may not exercise and cause obesity and stress.

We provide an environment where cats can exercise well, even in a limited space. It's a good idea to install a cat tower that allows you to move up and down or add a step so they can climb up and down to high places like shelves.

In addition to exercising by playing alone, cats can also get exercise by playing with their owners. For example, you can use cat cans to incorporate games similar to hunting. Please keep in touch until you get tired or get tired and stop. Cats that can exercise well indoors can avoid problems such as obesity.

Cats can live a fulfilling life in a comfortable room.
The cat is staring outside, but it turns out that it never wants to go out into the outside world. If you can protect the territory in the room, the cat will have a satisfying life. In addition, your cat will be satisfied if you are provided with a delicious and nutritious meal, a comfortable environment where you can sleep comfortably, and a calm and relaxed window.

Indoor cats need a comfortable room and the love of their owners. It is safe to know that you are not stressed because you want to go outside. Please devise so that the cat can continue to spend comfortably. And let's put in lots of love so that you can live at the cat's pace.

I was able to find out why cats in the house looked out the window, but how was it? There were various reasons, but I found it good to watch gently in each case. Rest assured that you are not like a prisoner waiting to go out into the outside world. Instead, we found that indoor cats have a longer life expectancy because they can live in a safer environment.

Instead of thinking about letting your cat out, make sure you have a comfortable window and living environment and keep him with lots of love. No doubt your cat will be happy if you can live a life where you can relieve stress while looking out the window!
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