Easy self-made cats are so happy! How to make handmade cat toys! This is the play equipment you are addicted to!

Presentation of how to make cat toys easily made by hand. Cat toys are famous for being cat-like, but handmade cat toys also use familiar items such as yarn, felt, and PET bottles. Why not create a toy that cats will love and relieve stress with your cat?

What are handmade cat toys?
Play equipment that cats are happy with is surprisingly easy to make. You don't have to buy it; you can use materials at home. Why don't you use plastic bags, string, fabric, yarn, felt, balls, PET bottles, straws, etc., from the supermarket to make toys that cats are addicted to, such as cat jars and fishing rods, and help them relieve stress while playing?

What cats are interested in?
Cats have a hunting instinct. When you flicker a long, fluttering, moving, or sound object in front of your cat, it reacts instantly. If you create a toy by hand using this cat's habit, you can create a toy that cats will love. We introduce how to make play equipment that cats will be happy with, depending on the material of the toys.

Handmade toys for cats: ① string
String used for play equipment
The string can be yarn, linen, or your home string. It is used to hang a string on the tip of a stick like a straw and tie a cloth or felt toy to the tip. It is recommended to hold it like a fishing rod and move it quickly from time to time to chase the cat and play with it, as it will also relieve the cat's stress.

Easy! Cat towel with string
It is introducing cat toys that are easy to make. This toy is made by tying a towel or similar a few times to the end of a string in the house. He runs straight and jumps, holding it in his arms and not letting go. The weave of the cloth helps relieve the cat's stress. It is also an excellent exercise to be absorbed in chasing the target.

Mouse tied to a string
This game ties a cat's favorite stuffed mouse to a string. It is easy to make, and the materials are cheap, so even if a cat rips the string, you can do it as many times as you want. For the string, we recommend PE tape that makes a rustling sound that stimulates cats' hearing.

Rubber toys
A handmade toy with a torn plastic bag tied to the end of a rubber string. It will be more effective if you hang it from a high place like a cat tower. It is easy to make, and the rubber automatically expands and contracts when the cat tries to play, so the point is that you can play forever without getting bored.

Handmade cat toys: ② straws
Straw is mainly used as a handle for cats. If you don't have a straw, you can use any slender, easy-to-grip rod, such as a tug. A plastic bag or toy that the cat is addicted to is tied to the tip of the wire or twine hanging from the straw and placed in front of the cat, and when the cat tries to catch it, it is cleverly pulled like a fishing rod to play with.

The strongest combination! Straw and supermarket bag
The rustling sounds of vinyl and the fluttering movements that attract cats' attention have already attracted cats from the middle of creation. It is an easy way to open the plastic bag from home with scissors, tear it into small pieces to a width of 1 cm and tie it in the middle. Being absorbed by it and playing with the vinyl, you can exercise moderately and relieve the cat's stress.

Engaging! Wrapped goods with bending straws.
This is a simpler homemade toy. You can create interesting items that cats will love by tying some bendable straws with cellophane tape. You seem curious about the mysterious shape, like lifting your nails and looking at it. You'll never get tired of playing with it. Cats are happy, and it's easy to do, so please try it.

Handmade toys for cats: ③ Toilet paper cores
Toilet paper cores can be cut with scissors to make balls or cut and tied to the end of a string to make toys that cats like. Interestingly, you can easily make your play equipment that cats are addicted to with a material cost of 0 yen using what you normally throw away.

Easy! How to make balls and cat toys
A cat toy you can easily make yourself. First, cut the toilet paper core into round slices with scissors. If you point to about 3 of them, you will have a ball-shaped toy. Chasing the ball, you care about becomes an exercise for the cat, leading to stress relief. We play by rolling it up as is or tying it to the end of a string and shaking it.

Here's how to make your own toys that cats are addicted to. Please hang it in front of the cat because the disposable chopsticks are fishing rods, the rubber bands are fishing lines, and the toilet paper core is bait. You can get a good exercise while trying to catch the growing object, and the cat's stress will be relieved. In the making, the appearance of a cat that is already satisfied with just a rubber band is cute.

Handmade cat toys: ④ plastic bag
All you need is a plastic bag, like the one in the supermarket. A small plastic bag that makes a rustling sound is more appealing to cats than a soft one like a large garbage bag. Save some of the plastic bags you used for grocery shopping for your cat. You can make a cat toy by chopping it up or tying it up.

Just tie up a plastic bag!
Is it prey? You can make your toys the correct size as cats think. The material is a thin plastic bag containing meat and fish purchased from supermarkets. It is easy to make; tie it twice and throw it to the cat. What? I will jump and chase you. It is a simple toy that cats will love, surprisingly addictive.

Plastic bag as is
The plastic bag, which does no tricks, becomes a cat toy. If you see such a happy figure, you will be happy too. If the cat tries to pull it when it is not looking, it will come back quickly. Even if you don't buy expensive toys, there are some products that cats will love, so be sure to use them.

Handmade toys for cats: ⑤ cardboard.
Cardboard boxes that contain your luggage and cardboard that you can get for free in supermarkets and pharmacies can be used as materials for cat play equipment, so please use them. The cardboard box meets the cat's preferred conditions of "dark" and "tight." When you enter, you feel relieved to be protected and are excited to see if your prey lurks in the dark and cramped space.

It is an ordinary cardboard box that is everywhere. Close the bottom with rubber tape, cut off the top lid, and make a round hole in the side. Pull a toy like a cat's favorite cat can out of the hole and let it play. You will be absorbed in trying to catch the cat's play, and it will relieve the cat's stress.

This is a device for moving a toy up and down a hole by exploiting the principle of a lever using a self-made bar that uses cardboard as the material. Toys that come and go stimulate the cat's instincts. Even if you can't catch the target well, crazy hunting can help relieve cats' stress.

Handmade toys for cats: ⑥ Pompoms
If you want to make your toys more easily, you can make a toy that cats will love simply by wrapping a fork with yarn and tying the center securely.

How to make a fishing rod with pompoms?
Attach a 100% sold mini pompom to the thread hanging from the tip of a stick. If you shake it in front of the cat to attract attention, it will fly immediately. Chasing the pompoms will be good exercise and relieve the cat's stress.

Engaging! Pompom with bell
Here's how to make a homemade toy that cats will love, combining the beautiful sound of a bell and a rolling ball. It's easy to make; sew a bell and a mini pompom sold 100% with thread. Roll it up and let it chase, or hang it up with rubber and let it dangle and play.

Handmade cat toys: ⑦ PET bottles.
After drinking a beverage, wash the PET bottle with water and dry it well before using it as cat toy material. Cats are sensitive to odors, so rinse well to let the smell of the drink flow out. PET bottles can be made into objects that attract cats' interest by closing the cap and inserting a bell inside that makes a sound or inserting food.

Engaging! Food toys
As you are absorbed in touching it, porous food will come out and relieve the cat's stress. It is also recommended diet to prevent the cat from overeating cat food. The area around the belly of the PET bottle is slightly larger than the food.

PET bottle cap
PET bottle caps are just enough to keep cats happy. The size of that little animal is just right for a cat toy, and it rolls forever depending on how it falls, so it's fun to chase it. You'll be absorbed in the game, so try it with your home PET bottle cap!

Handmade toys for cats: ⑧
Strips are fabrics that are leftover from crafts or old or obsolete fabrics. Those with a small area can be used as patchwork. It will bite and kick you with its hind legs.

Engaging! Bag again
The materials are leftovers left in the house, handmade cotton, and more. You can often buy it in pet stores, home improvement stores, and pharmacies. Create a long, thin bag, put it on first, and put it back on at the end, and you're done.

Stripped Beanbag
A simple beanbag with handmade cotton stuffed into a piece cut in a circle. Gently place it in front of the cat, and you will be asked, "What is it?" I am curious to sniff, chew and roll with my front legs. Does it look alive because it moves when you try to touch it? Even the cat seems to enjoy it.

Handmade toys for cats: Summary
Many people make their cat toys, but there are some rules for toys that cats will love. It is a light, small, fluffy toy that flutters quickly. I am pretty happy to tie a mini yarn pompom or plastic bag and cut off both ends. In contrast, toys that are heavy and slow to move are unpopular.
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