Cat Scratcher Board

People who have cats in their homes know this all too well. Their presence brings joy but at the same time threatens the integrity of curtains, sofas, and carpets, which are their favorite targets for completing their claws. To limit the damage, it is worth getting a scratch post. This is handy support for indulging the feline's instinct to mark an area and polish their claws, usually by scratching various surfaces. They also represent a cozy platform where cats essentially love to snooze on large sleepers.

Numerous models on the market vary in shape, size, and material. In addition to wood and rope, paperboard ones are very popular with furry friends. There are simple solutions, more sophisticated and imaginative solutions, to "luxury" solutions that provide maximum comfort for cats and allow you to add design furniture to your home.

Once you have selected the suitable model for the space available and the size of your cat, all that remains is to place it in a tactical area. For example, it can be stretched out next to the kennel, as soon as it gets up, or in front of a sofa or armchair in hopes of maintaining the integrity of the upholstery. Because cats are habitual, they tend not to change their routine once they find the ideal size. It is recommended that you have more than one scratching post, especially if there are other cats in the house.
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