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21 bolsas degradables para caca de perro, bolsas para desechos de mascotas, dispensador de bolsas para caca de perro

21 bolsas degradables para caca de perro, bolsas para desechos de mascotas, dispensador de bolsas para caca de perro

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  • 100 nuevo y de alta calidad
  • Bolsas de 15 piezas por rollo.
  •  Económico para el uso diario.
  •  Fácil apertura y recogida.
  •  Imprescindible para caminar con tu perro, gato, conveniente para limpiar los desechos.
  •  Otros usos incluyen pañales para bebés, viajes, trajes de baño mojados, su propio uso conveniente, etc.


  • Tipo de artículo: bolsas para caca de perro.
  • Material: Plástico
  • Con un gancho, fácil de llevar.
  • Estilo: Color sólido/Impresión de pata de perro
  • Tamaño de la bolsa de basura: 22*31 cm (largo x ancho)
  • Tamaño del hueso: 5*8 cm (largo x ancho)


  1. Hay una diferencia del 2-3% según la medición manual.
  2. por favor revise la tabla de medidas cuidadosamente antes de comprar el artículo.
  3. 1 pulgada = 2,54 cm
  4. Tenga en cuenta que debe aceptarse una ligera diferencia de color debido a la luz y la pantalla.


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dog poop bag holder
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Customer Reviews

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Daniela Stanton

21 Pcs Degradable Dog Poop Bags Pet Waste Bags Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Eldridge Cronin

As advertised, fast delivery

Gwen Hane

Great amazing great

Jeffery Sauer

Just as described

Kelvin Konopelski

OK, shipment fast, compliance commodity description 100%. Wirków lot, cool case. Recommend salesman. Little dog wears ankle on collar and it is very practical. PSU don't mind and I not poniewiera.

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A must for a walk! What do you recommend for dog poop treatment bags?

I recently started studying a language.
Some words are dog words (laughs).
The more you can communicate with your dog, the cuter your dog will be.
It is a family... He is like my son to me.
So picking up dung or poop is not a big pain.
If you look at the poop, you can see your health condition.
However, I have a desire to pick things up as much as possible without feeling uncomfortable.

While taking a walk, I randomly check the owners who go on the street, but so far, there seem to be the following types of poop processing methods.

How to handle dog poop

It is a type often found in older people who take their dogs for a walk on a country road.
I have not seen the place where it is actually disposed of, but I wonder if it will be covered with dirt or buried.
Some people picked it up with a shovel and threw it into the grass on the side of the road.
I feel that there is a high probability that people only have a shovel and don't use it.

Collect the poop directly into a plastic bag or shopping bag.
It does not look good because the inside can be seen through, but it can be seen from the outside, so you can see that it has been reliably processed.
Many people have large dogs.

Paper + vinyl group
This is a type that covers the poop with dust paper or toilet paper, puts it in a plastic bag, and takes it home.
You must have a folded piece of paper ready before you go for a walk.

Group poop processing bag
The most common type in city parks.
It has a double structure of a plastic bag (inside) and a paper bag (outside). Put your hand inside the plastic bag, take the poop along with the paper pack and turn it upside down.
After taking it home, rinse the poop together with the paper bag (water-soluble paper) in the toilet or throw it away as garbage.

Of these, the one that seems the least annoying and clever is the bag processing bag.