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Best Dog Clippers Cat Nail Clippers

Best Dog Clippers Cat Nail Clippers

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  • LED light makes blood vessels visible, preventing cutting too much and causing paw bleeding.
  • Note: It may not illuminate the quickness of dark or black-colored nails.
  • The Sharp stainless steel with curve lines, more fit cat nails, and easier cutting.
  • USB Rechargeable, The nail clipper is rechargeable, and no batteries are needed, including a USB wire for your convenience.
  • Upgrade triangular blade forged with high-density steel, which is more accurate and durable.
  • A thick handle design can disperse the compression force when clipping. Make you more comfortable!
  • They are designed with a rotatable nail file, Smooth pet's nails after clipping.
  • Nail trapper helps catch nail clippings for easy cleanup!


  • Color: White.
  • Material: Plastic and stainless steel.
  • Size: As the Pictures

Package Included:
1 x Pet Nail Clipper


How to trim dog nails?

  1. Find a quiet area where your dog is comfortable and free from distractions.
  2.  Hold your dog in your lap or place it on a steady surface if you have a small dog. If you have a large dog, it's helpful to have another person hold your dog while you cut their nails.
  3. Gently but firmly hold one of your dog's paws between your thumb and forefinger.
  4. Push down slightly on the paw pad to extend the nail forward. Make sure there is no hair blocking your view of the entire nail.
  5. When your dog is holding still, clip straight across the tip of the nail, do not clip behind the natural curve of the nail.
  6. Give lots of high-value treats before, during, and after to associate nail trims with big rewards.

How to File Your Dog's Nails to Smooth Them After Clipping
Filing your dog's nails is primarily done to remove any sharp tips or fragments left over after clipping your dog's nails.

  1. Take a heavy-duty nail file, gently grasp your dog's paw, and spread the toes apart.
  2. Hold the file and gently round off any sharp edges for a smooth finish with your dominant hand.

How Short Should You Cut Your Dog's Nails?

  • It is essential not to clip behind the natural curve of the nail because this is where the "quick" start.
  • The quick is the center portion of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves. If you accidentally cut this part of the nail, it will cause bleeding and pain for your dog.
  • If you are concerned that you may be cutting too close to the quick, it is best to leave that nail a little longer.
  • If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the process or think you are causing your dog pain, please stop and contact your local veterinarian for further instructions.

How to Cut Black Dog Nails?

  • Dogs with black nails can present more of a challenge. Since their nail is naturally pigmented, it cannot be easy to see where the quick begins.
  • Once you begin cutting, you may see a chalk-like white ring surrounding the quick beginning. Schedule a nail trim appointment at your veterinarian's office if you feel uncomfortable clipping your dog's black nails.
  • You can also ask one of the veterinary clinic employees to demonstrate how to cut black nails properly.

How Often Should You Trim Your Dog's Nails?

  • The amount of time between nail trims depends on how quickly your dog's nails grow and how quickly they are worn down.
  • The average dog should have his nails clipped every three to four weeks, but it should be done as often as needed to keep the nail from touching the ground when your dog is standing.
  • If your dog is a lapdog whose feet rarely touch the ground, you may need to trim their nails more often, whereas dogs that run on pavement or rough surfaces may not need theirs done that usually or at all.

How to Stop a Dog's Toenail From Bleeding?
A bleeding toenail can be very distressing for you and your dog. Here's how to stop the bleeding.
The styptic powder can help stop the nail from bleeding by helping the blood clot. If you don't have styptic powder, flour or cornstarch can also be used to prevent a dog's nail from bleeding and can be applied the same way as styptic powder.

  1. Pour a small amount on the tip of your finger and press the powder into the nail tip.
  2. Pressure can be applied for a few seconds to allow the styptic powder to stick.

Call your veterinarian for further recommendations if the bleeding does not stop after several minutes.

Dog Nail Trimming Alternative

  • Some people choose to grind their dogs down with a nail grinder created explicitly for pet nails as an alternative to cutting their dog's nails.
  • With the right tools, a little patience, and a whole lot of treats, you can save some time and keep your pup under the stress of traveling to the groomer or the vet clinic.

References:  https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/how-to-trim-dogs-nails-safely/

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Frederick Lang

All as in the description. Haven't tried yet

Rhea Lubowitz

Scissors are good, sharp, but when cutting a cat on your hands, it's not convenient to hold. In general, you need to come.

Monserrate Stiedemann

The goods arrived in time, everything is whole, the quality is good, it is convenient to cut the claws of the cat.

Sienna Jones

발톱 안부서지고 잘 잘림 라이트와 튐방지 커버가 쓸모있게 되어있음. 퀄리티 좋습니다. 라이트 달린 주황색 손잡이 제품 삿다가 실폐하고 이거로 삿습니다.

Jerel Kunde

Хороший когтерез. Пришел быстро

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