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Balcony Netting For Cats Safety Netting For Balconies Windows Cat Protective Net

Balcony Netting For Cats Safety Netting For Balconies Windows Cat Protective Net

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  1. High Security: Our protective nets can best protect your cat, even if the windows and balcony are open. Even if you are away, you will not take any risks.
  2. Sturdy Material: The material is a plastic steel wire protective net, which is durable and bite-proof, providing the best protection!
  3. Optimal Field of View: The mesh size is large (3x3 cm), and the protective mesh is almost completely transparent. From now on, you can enjoy the view from the balcony window and put the kitten on the edge of the balcony!
  4. Save Time: Use detailed operating instructions, cut it to the required size, and secure it without tying, no banding is required.
  5. Suitable Occasions: The safety nets are suitable for balconies, windows, and children's play facilities. To prevent objects from falling and ensure the safety of pets, children, etc. And there are many uses for protective nets, such as climbing nets for plants and decorative nets.


  • Material: plastic
  • Color: white
  • Size(about): 2 * 1.5m/78.74*59.06in, 3 * 2m/118.11*78.74in, 4 * 3m/157.48*118.11in, 6 * 3m/236.22*118.11in, 8 * 3m/314.96*118.11in
  • Weight(about): 150G, 200G, 330G, 550G, 650G
  • Function: The cat safety net prevents cats from escaping or falling from balconies, windows, terraces, and other places.

Packing List:

  • 2* 1.5M: 10 Sets of Hooks + 8 Meters pf Rope
  • 2 * 3M: 15 Sets of Hooks + 11 Meters pf Rope
  • 4 * 3M: 20 Sets of Hooks + 15 Meters pf Rope
  • 6 * 3M: 25 Sets of Hooks + 19 Meters of Rope
  • 8 * 3M: 30 Sets of Hooks + 23 Meters of Rope
cat fence
How far can a cat fall without getting hurt?
Cats can usually fall 8 feet or less without hurting or injuring themselves. Just because a cat can fall from a height doesn't mean it's safe to do so. Older cats, in particular, will struggle to recover from impact injuries from bad falls.

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Customer Reviews

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Cordie Spinka

Balcony Netting For Cats Safety Netting For Balcony Windows Cat Protective Net

Oleta Schiller

Tough and with everything you need to mount it

Sabrina Metz

The net is made of clear nylon, very thin, fishing line type. However I do believe it could stop a cat, if instaled properly.