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Ant Terrarium With Intelligent Temperature Control Ant Box Ant Farm

Ant Terrarium With Intelligent Temperature Control Ant Box Ant Farm

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Product description:

Product name: Spliceable concrete ant nest
Total nest size: 15*10*13.5cm
Nest size: 15 * 10 * 6.5cm
Feeding area size: 15*10*7cm
Material: Acrylic + sand + concrete
Expansion port: 4
Port diameter: 12mm
Sink opening: 1
If you buy C/E, the B-1 type nest area is sent by default.
Type E with automatic heating module and thermometer, the temperature control module is behind the nest area. (Updated)
Type E voltage: 110v-240v
The plug of type E is an EU plug; we will send you a suitable adapter according to your country.
Type E can only heat ant nests, can't cool down!


1. Products can be spliced arbitrarily, spliced from four directions of left, right, up, and down, and expanded arbitrarily.
2. Unlimited expansion of the capacity of the nest area, the use of magnet adsorption, the connection is more secure.
3. Using concrete as a moisturizing material to provide an environment suitable for ants to live in.
4. There is a water pool in the nest area, which can better maintain the moisture in the nest area and increase the humidity in the nest area.
6. The nest area is equipped with a red shading board to make the ants feel safer.
6. Suitable for various ants to live and breed.

The package includes one ant farm.

1. Buy ant farm without sending ants.
2. The size of the ant farm may have an error of 1-3mm.
3. If you encounter assembly and product quality problems, you can contact me in time.


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Ova Kreiger

Very good and very fast 2 weeks at most

Eliseo Walsh

Very seaworthy packing, great quality, fast shipping!