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Feather Cat Toy Cat Toy Feather Wand Cat Teaser Stick

Feather Cat Toy Cat Toy Feather Wand Cat Teaser Stick

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  • Product Name: Three-section retractable feather stick/wand
  • Size: retractable range: 37-100cm
  • Style: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Weight:25g
  • Material: EVA, glass fiber


  1. Durable & Flexible: The wand extends from 15" to 38" instantly. It can be retracted back to its smaller size after play. It is flexible and strong, even with an aggressive cat
  2. Variable Refills: These Funny interactive cat toy sets include 5 Pcs different refills, you can change the teaser's head to make it more fun and cats won't boring
  3. Perfect Cat Toy: This cat wand helps your cats keep active and do more exercise, increasing the kitten's interest and stimulating the cat's sense, and making teasing a cat is no longer a manual job for you. These interactive toys engage your cats with you and it builds trust and companionship
  4. Lightweight and Comfortable: The EVA handle is comfortable to hold. The carbon fiber rod is lightweight so that you do not feel tired after long-term playing
  5. High Quality: Cat feature toy made from safe, non-toxic. Eco-friendly material. All dyes are non-toxic and safe for your cats, also our feathers are all-natural.
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Why Do Cats Like Feather Toys?
Remember, cats are little hunters. So toys with fur and feathers help satisfy their predatory urges.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Myriam Herman

I really like the extension of the fiber glass wand. Other ones broke quickly, but this model is really good.

Trevor Borer

Todo le ha encantado, ademas el vendedor muy detallista ha mandado las pelotitas pequeñas y las pegatinas de regalo. Genial.

Jonas Brown

I take it 2 times as a gift) Our with the first fishing rod is played in zachleb) came all in good condition There was a pleasant bonus from the seller, the cat is happy Thank you

Stella Wisozk

cat loves it. the "rope" is pretty much invisible and the cat has lots of fun with it already. stick is pretty long too

Jackeline Murphy

Second order and always satisfied. If it is the longevity of feathers that does not resist too long. It is better to plan a second game!