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Dog Seat Belt Harness Cat Car Seat Dog Car Accessories

Dog Seat Belt Harness Cat Car Seat Dog Car Accessories

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  1. It adopts a high-quality buckle design and is easy to wear.
  2. It can be linked with the pet leash and used as a pet chest strap. The overall force of the product makes the dog's breathing smoother.
  3. Link with the car seat belts to increase the safety of dogs and owners on the road.
  4. One end is tied to the dog's collar, and the other end is on the socket of the car seat belt. You don't have to worry about the difference between the big dog and the puppy. All dogs can use it.
  5. 100% new material.


  1. Material: mesh
  2. Seat belt: PP material, no stretch is about 50cm/19.69in, fully extended up to about 70cm/27.56in, weight is about 45g
  3. Seat belt product specifications (approx.): 2.5CM/0.98in width, adjustable length up to 70CM/27.56in, minimum 50CM/19.69in
  4. Color: Black
  5. Size: S, M, L
  6. Net weight: about 150g
  7. Packing: OPP


  • 1 * chest strap or 1 * leash
dog seat belt

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Customer Reviews

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Ron Ernser

Dog Seat Belt Harness Cat Car Seat Dog Car Accessories

Estrella Stehr

Dog Seat Belt Harness Cat Car Seat Dog Car Accessories

Trycia Ullrich

buen producto, llegó en el tiempo esperado. además calzo muy bien con la talla del perro.

Arne Bosco

A little big but looks solid.

Karina Lind

Un peu grand mais a l’air solide.

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