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Break Stick For Dogs Training Stick for Medium Large Dogs Pitbull Terrier german shepherd

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Suit for: Medium Large Dogs Pitbull Terrier german shepherd

Material: Plastic+Rubber

Break Sticks or parting sticks are used to pry open the jaws of stubborn biters. It is placed behind the molars and rotated to open the dog's jaws without causing injury. If you have a dog aggressive canine (especially Terriers), or if you are a dog trainer, you should have one of these breaks sticks handy.  This item is used to open the jaws of dogs that are biting some person or another animal that is in excruciating pain.

stick dog

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Customer Reviews

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Wade Rolfson

The parcel came to Estonia quickly, men of the month. The product is very satisfied, the handle does not slip, the plastic is odorless, of excellent quality, there is a strap. In the case is convenient, tried on their two Cane Corso.

Marie Dibbert

De los paquetes que más rápido han llegado a Canarias. Buen material, cumple su función.

Myrna Gutmann

It was even longer than I expected, but it's overall very good.

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