Are harnesses bad for corgis?

No, harnesses are not inherently bad for Corgis, and in fact, many veterinarians and trainers recommend using a harness instead of a collar for small dogs like Corgis.

Corgis, like many small dog breeds, can be prone to neck injuries, such as collapsed trachea, which can be caused by pulling or jerking on a leash attached to a collar. A harness can help distribute the pulling force over the dog's chest and body, reducing the risk of injury.

When choosing a harness for your Corgi, selecting one that is appropriately sized and designed for their body type is essential. Some harness styles may not fit Corgis comfortably, particularly those with broad chests and short legs. A harness that fits correctly should be snug but not tight, with enough room for your Corgi to move comfortably.

It's also essential to gradually introduce your Corgi to the harness, using positive reinforcement techniques to help them associate the harness with positive experiences. This can help reduce any anxiety or discomfort your Corgi may feel when wearing the harness.

When used correctly and with the right fit, a harness can be a safe and effective way to walk and control your Corgi without risking injury to their neck or throat.
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